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Trainer Fortnite


3000 credits / hour

Trainer Dota 2


3000 credits / hour

Trainer Fortnite


3000 credits / hour


Braw.ly is a training platform for gamers who want to quickly improve their game skills. Brawly's coaches are experienced gamers and professional esports players in Fortnite, Dota 2, CS:GO and others. Trainers use Discord. for communication.

Enter site using your Discord account, select coach in the game you are interested in and replenish the balance in the system to pay for the coach’s services. That's it, now you can start workout!

The cost of training depends on the experience of the coach - the more he trains the players, the higher the bet can be. The minimum cost of an hour of the game is 3000 credits. Get credits

To replenish, choose credits pack on the Rates page and click Buy. Almost any bank card is suitable for payment.

Please note that refunds of unused credits are not provided.

During training, "Contact via Discord" button will be available — it redirects you to the chat room with the trainer.

To contact coach outside the game (for example, to book a lesson) — use social networks contacts.

Feel free to stay in touch at [email protected] with any questions or issues. We usually answer in less then 1 working day.

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